Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two More Books I've Read Lately

For those of you who like romantic suspense, go grab Kit Wilkinson's latest novel Sabotage from Love Inspired Suspense while it's available. Kit crafts a novel centered in Virginia horse country. When Emilie Gill's groom turns up dead, she finds herself the focus of the investigation. Then more begins to happen and she finds herself relying on her temporary groom for support. She slowly opens her heart to the possibility she can trust others.

This novel had great characters and an interesting setting for anyone who loves horses and the Olympics. I enjoyed the mix of suspense and romance, too.

The other book I just finished was ACFW president's Cynthia Ruchti's debut novel, They Almost Always Come Home. This novel is a departure from what I usually read, but a book I couldn't walk away from. Libby's husband Greg has gone on a solo jaunt into the wilds of Canada. The first problem is he doesn't come home when he's scheduled. The second problem is that Libby's not sure she wants him to return.

Most of the book is told through the first person vision of Libby. Because she ends up chasing her husband through the wilds of Canada, the book is filled with introspection as she engages in her first camping/outdoor adventure. Her travel companions are her best friend and cancer survivor Jen and her father-in-law Frank. The book has moments of levity and is vividly written. Every time I thought it might get too intense and depressing, the lens would shift to something more funny.

Libby's journey isn't easy, either emotionally or physically. But it is a journey worth joining her on...especially if your reading taste leans toward women's fiction.

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