Friday, June 18, 2010

Thanks, Dad! & GIveaway

I wish I had a scan of a photo of my dad as a young man. I love this photo. Dad's in his flight suit and helicopter helmet. He looks so young and has this great smile. It really captures his spirit.

This week K-LOVE has been running a contest for dads. The challenge was to describe your dad in seven words.

Seven words.

That's not a lot of words to try to describe a man who is key in my life. But I'm a writer so took up the challenge. It actually didn't take too long. I'm not sure that it's overly descriptive but it hits his character at the core.

My Dad constantly lays down his life. For others (but those are words eight and nine).

Here's another try:

Hero. Fighter. Soft-heart. Devoted Father. Hard worker.

So how would you describe your father? You can use more than seven words.


windycindy said...

Wise. Elderly. WWII Veteran. Compassionate. Family man.
Thanks, Cindi

traveler said...

Devoted,hard-working, creative, inventive and selfless.


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