Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What's Your Legacy?

Last week, John Wooden, legendary basketball player and coach died. It's hard to pick up a paper in Indiana or turn on the radio without hearing someone talk about him. From all accounts, he lived his 99 years well...leaving a strong legacy...not only as a coach who pulled the best from others...but a man of faith.

Then I heard on K-LOVE that Dana Key from DeGarmo and Key died. Another man who left a legacy by playing a role in changing the face of contemporary Christian music.

It's got me thinking. What's the legacy I will leave?

We're not guaranteed another moment. All we know we have is right now. So what are we doing with it? What am I doing with it?

I often feel like I live with a sense of urgency...probably because of that unknowing. God could grant me another 60 years here...or it could be another 60 minutes. And when I ponder, I wonder what will people say when I'm heaven bound. Will Eric say I was a good wife, the helpmate he needed for this life? Will my kids acknowledge that while I wasn't perfect I was a good mom who loved them deeply? What legacy will I leave in my community? The circles God's placed me in?

Am I doing the right things? The most important things? Will I leave a legacy like John Wooden? one where my faith shines through in such a way that even non-believers acknowledge its presence in my life? His presence in my life?

A few questions I'm pondering this week...

Here's an interesting article about one barrier in sports John Wooden knocked down.


More than Survival said...

Good post! I often think about this, too. We all leave a legacy, but what kind?? I so clearly see my mistakes and failures and PRAY that God can use me in spite of myself and praise him for his grace and mercy that he never forsakes me!

Cara, I know that your life has already left a legacy with me. You courage and determination to follow your God given dreams are a total inspiration to me!!!

Crystal Laine said...

Cara, you are living your life well and you already have a wonderful legacy.

I was such a big fan of John Wooden. He was an amazing man, and a gifted coach. I have adopted so much of his teaching. :)

The things in this post I've been thinking about a lot. I've been thinking about John Wooden all week, too.

Great post!


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