Friday, January 12, 2007

Faithfulness regardless of the Results

One of the many projects I'm working on this month is a White Paper for a non-profit on Vermont's abortion laws. One of my friends at the law firm and I have split the research and project up, which has helped.

Today I researched like crazy while I wrote the draft. One of the things I was looking at was whether any bills have been introduced or passed that would limit abortion at all in Vermont IF the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade later this year. Now I knew Vermont was liberal... but wow!

But as I researched I found a State Representative who consistently legislative session after legistlative session introduced multiple bills to protect the unborn. There were more than twenty in the ten years I reviewed. Yet this woman each session introduced bills that never made it out of committee. She was faithful even when nothing changed. None of the bills became law. If Roe v. Wade is overturned, it won't matter in Vermont.

But this woman will be able to stand before God and know she was faithful.

Made me think about the things in my life that seem hopeless. I pray I'm as faithful -- not counting the cost -- or thinking it's only worthwhile if I see progress.

Sometimes the progress may just be that I was faithful. And that's enough.


Jerome said...

Cara, I've been catching up on reading some blogs and noticed that you have a novel coming out this fall. Congrats! I wish you a world of success.

Candice Speare said...

I love this topic, Cara. Faithfulness even when results aren't forthcoming. A good reminder. And sometimes it takes years for us to see the fruit of our work, huh? Thanks for the reminder.



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