Thursday, January 18, 2007

Interview with Author Susan May Warren

I am delighted to have Susan May Warren join me today. As you can see from my review of Everything's Coming Up Josie, I have enjoyed her books. I can't think of one that I didn't enjoy.

Susan, how did you get the idea for Reclaiming Nick?

I am a huge cowgirl at heart, and always wanted to write a book set in the modern-day west. (I’m such a sucker for movies like “Flicka!”) And, I love country music (especially Brad Paisely) so I conjured up this idea to write a story that is much like a country song…about a man who lost his roots, who returns to his past to find he’s left deep wounds on those he left behind. The thematic premise of the story, about the giving and receiving of grace, I got from an actual event in a friend’s life, and once I started praying about the story, everything fell into place.

Did you grow up around rodeos and riding horses? Or did you delve into the unknown?

I grew up attending rodeos, and WANTING to ride horses, but I had to do quite a bit of research for this story. I did read a lot of westerns and modern day, non-fiction books about ranching to prepare my voice for this book, as well as to create the ranching world.

Did you do any hands-on research to prepare for this story?

I actually went out west and stayed on a ranch for a week, getting my hands dirty and asking lots and lots of stupid questions. But I loved it, and the beauty of the Montana land is etched in my mind.

That week sounds like hard work but wonderful at the same time. What's your favorite characteristic of each of the main characters in Reclaiming Nick?

Oh, this is a good question!
Nick – I love his inner protector, the fact that he so wants to keep Piper out of trouble and help her, and yet not let her into his life. He’s passionate, and longs to be a good man, and I love the fact he can stay one step ahead of Piper and her craziness.
Piper – I love her guts. She isn’t afraid to tackle something unknown, and to go out on a limb for what she believes in.
Maggy – she is a woman who faithfully works the land and the life God has given her. She is a noble woman in every sense of the word.
Cole – He’s my quiet hero who picks up the pieces, who is dependable, who loves his family so much he’d sacrifice himself for them. He’s the kind of guy every woman wants to have standing behind her.

I really enjoyed Reclaiming Nick -- it was another great installment from you. What is the next book I can look forward to reading?

I just finished book 2 in the Noble Legacy, Taming Rafe. This was SUCH a fun book to write because I took a headstrong, trouble-making bull-rider and paired him with a strong, wise woman who is trying to find out where she belongs – in the world of cowboys, or the New York social scene in which she was raised. And once I put these two together, sparks ignited. So fun to watch Rafe be…”tamed.” (or…not!) The preview chapter is in the back of Reclaiming Nick, and due out in August. I’m now starting Book 3 - Finding Stefanie

Thank you so much for letting me stop by, Cara!

It was great to have you. And to all you readers, run out and by this book for the next snow day. It was wonderful!

Tune in tomorrow for my review of this book. And don't forget to sign up for the book drawing. See Saturday's post for more info.

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