Tuesday, January 23, 2007

You never know what you'll find in the clips...

Every weekday I get a clipping from a legal news service. Somedays, there's nothing interesting in the stack. Other days there are all kinds of stories that grab my attention. Here's a sample from today:

The Washington Post reported today on the high incidence of respiratory illnesses in people who worked at the Ground Zero site.

Many states have minimum wage laws that conflict with the federal law. According to the National Law Journal, these differences are ripe for lawsuits. If you are an Independent Contractor or asked to work off the clock overtime, beware.

Did you know antidepressants might weaken bones in older patients? So says a Canadian study that was highlighted in Forbes online.

Finally, the New York Times reported that it has confirmed big tobacco manipulated nicotine levels. It looks like the verification came from a study completed at Harvard based on data that Massachusetts requires companies to provide the state.

See, you just never know what will make headlines. And then there's the State of the Union.

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