Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two Great Books

This week I had time to read two great books. The first was Death, Deceit and some Smooth Jazz by Claudia Mair Burney. The second was If the Shoe Fits by Marilyn Griffith. These were the first books I'd read by both these women, but won't be the last.

If the Shoe Fits focuses on the life of Rochelle Gardner, a thirty-five year old who's life is suddenly overrun with men who are interested in her. Her son's father, a church deacon who's ignored her for years, and a fine looking waiter she meets at a Christian gathering for singles. Add the fact that her son just made her a grandmother, and she feels like her life has spiraled out of control.

She's been so busy caring for everyone else, that Rochelle has forgotten how to take care of herself.

There were several places in this book where I cried between the laughter. Rochelle is so used to serving that she doesn't easily let other people serve her, a position I can identify with. People are also so used to relying on her for direction and support, that they're not all sure how to handle a Rochelle in crisis...and neither is she.
Fortunately, she has a network of friends -- new and old -- who step in to help her discover she is ready to embrace love and all the newness God has for her. And that she can do that without turning her back on those who have been dear to her.

One note of caution, if you don't want to know who Rochelle chooses, don't look at the discussion questions until you've read the last word of the book!

The other book I enjoyed was Death, Deceit and some Smooth Jazz. This is the second book in the Amanda Bell Brown mystery series, but I never felt lost because I haven't read the first book.

Amanda Brown is a forty year old psychiatrist who is trying to convince herself that she isn't in love with Jazz Brown, a homicide Lieutenant. Then he shows up at her door. The only problem is her sister calls her away, because Jazz's ex has been found murdered in Jazz's loft.

Everybody tells her to stay out of the investigation, but Amanda can't. Partly because she's not sure Jazz did it, and partly because she doesn't think the police are willing to look at anyone else as a suspect.

The writing was fresh with a sassy twist that I really enjoyed. And the faith element was amazingly fresh and real. Like this: "I had a WWJD moment. What would Jesus do? Not in a rubber bracelet, weird, Christian subculture, Jesus-junk-wearing way, but in a breathing incarnational, God-with-us way."

Amanda struggles with her feelings for Jazz; the sparks between them are hot and alive. It takes everything in her not to succumb to her longings, and to stand for right.

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