Friday, November 03, 2006

Can I Rant a Moment?

It must be Friday at the end of a long week. I feel the need to rant. Shocking, I know, but true.

I will admit up front I don't watch a lot of TV. Several reasons. First, there isn't much worth watching (other than college football of course). Second, I'm crazy busy. And third, did I mention that I love to read? I'd rather spend the time in a good book.

Last night I watched Tuesday's episode of The Unit. Usually, I love that show. And up until the last five minutes it was phenomenal. Up until the last scene, I was engrossed and feeling incredibly patriotic. The show does a wonderful job of showing both sides of military life. Then the writers decided that the love letter from WWII that everyone assumed was left for the man's wife was really left for his army buddy. Ick! Then tonight we're watching Numbers. Again, a show I usually enjoy. Tonight it began with a pretty graphic love scene. Ick Ick Ick. Completely unnecessary, and did I mention ick.

So I'll give each show another week or two, and then move on if the themes continue. Before long I won't watch anything other than the history and real forensic shows.

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