Monday, November 27, 2006

What a weekend!

Are you all rolling around from all the turkey, apple pie, and fixings? I'm looking at our treadmill with longing in my eyes. I feel the need to run -- oh, to have the time.

Nebraska beat Colorado in a fun game Friday (well, fun if you're a Cornhusker), and is now ranked 18th. Woohoo! Here comes the Big 12 title game on Saturday. Maybe Nebraska really is coming back into the national picture.

I did a token amount of shopping on Black Friday. I was basically done with Christmas shopping -- I love to wrap up before the crowds get crazy. I've checked my list and have two people left!

Then there's decorating the tree. We did that last night. It's hard to get in the holdiay mood when it's sixty degrees outside. So after a walk to the park, Abigail and I baked Christmas cookies. Then we hauled out all the boxes of Christmas decorations. It's beginning to look alot Christmas.

Check out Generation NeXt Parenting tomorrow for my thoughts on how to keep Christ in Christmas!

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Cathy West said...

I know. I was in CT and it was warm!! They are moaning and wishing for snow!!
Back in Bermuda, it's sunny and nary a hope of snow ever!! Oh well.
I still love Christmas, snow or no snow!
He is the reason for the season!


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