Friday, November 10, 2006

Review: Lost in NashVegas

Lost in NashVegas exceeded my high expectations of the genre by being fresh yet containing deep themes.

"Last week, I stocked groceries in Freedom, Alabama. This week, I live in Nashville, Tennessee about to take the stage at the famous Bluebird Café.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Only one problem. I’m terrified to sing in front of people.

But after twenty-five years of being ruled by fear, hiding from my dream, I confronted my limited reality and left home. Forget the hometown hunk who wants to make me queen of his doublewide. Forget Momma’s doubt-inspiring tirade. I can make it in Music City… Can’t I?

God put the longing to write songs in my heart. If He’s for me, who can be against me? Not even my own fear can overshadow His love. So, I gathered my old guitar, my notebook full of songs and packed up my 㥍 Chevy pickup. Look out NashVegas, the next hit songwriter is coming to town.

With the help of my cousin, and a few new friends, especially handsome contractor, Lee Rivers, my dream finds the light of day. As I face my first night at the Bluebird Café, I realize…

I might just do what comes naturally. Look for the nearest exit, and run!"

Robin Rae McAfee is the main character in this story. She is surrounded by a cast of family and friends who love her even with her phobia that may kill her dream before it sees the light of day. One day she decides it's time to give her dream wings and see if she will soar or fall. Either way she refuses to live with regrets of what might have happened.

This book is a delightful read. I laughed out loud in many places even as my heart ached for Robin in others. Her journey to her dream is not a straight road; instead, twists, turns and do-overs plague the journey. And she learns her past is more intimately connected to her present than she understood. Through it all she reaches an understanding with her mother about her pursuit of her dream and allows herself to fall in love with a man who supports her dream.

The book is written from Robin's point of view in a fresh voice. The descriptions and turns of phrases had me laughing out loud. I also enjoyed the glimpse into the music industry, and Robin's very real reactions to bumping into folks like Keith Urban.

As I read the book I could imagine myself curled up on the couch with Robin, her cousin, and friend watching movies, listening to Robin at open mike nights, or sipping a cafe mocha with her. Her struggles and triumphs reminded me of my experiences, and as I read the page I was more committed to chasing my dreams -- even though the success of Robin's dream isn't assured.

This book was so much fun that I can't wait to read Rachel's other chick lit/romance novels.

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Crystal said...

I have relatives in Nashville and near Nashville. My people have lived there for generations. Anyway, I love Tennessee. I can't wait to read this book. I've like all of Rachel's other books and I just know that she's found her stride with this.


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