Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ten Things I love about being an Attorney

10) The people I work with: they make it a great job -- though I suppose this is true in any field.

9)The intellectual challenge: just about every day there is some question I have to answer that I've never thought about before.

8) Working with my peers at other firms: Most of them are consummate professionals who enjoy what they do and in turn make my job easier.

7) Clients: I have worked with several where over the course of a couple years, I have been able to work with them and be part of the process of watching them make choices that turn their lives around. That is so rewarding!

6) Using my legal knowledge to help fellow writers get the details right in their books.

5) Writing: articulating arguments in the most persuasive manner.

4) Researching questions and picking away until I find the answer.

3) Resolving problems for my clients. I love helping them find solutions or reach resolutions in what seem to be impossible situations for them.

2) My clients: Have I mentioned them already?

1) The "on" feeling I get when I'm in the middle of an oral argument. There is nothing like having to think on your feet and defend a position. Especially when you're never 100% certain what the other side will say.

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