Monday, November 20, 2006

Review: Calm, Cool & Adjusted

This week the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance is hosting Kristin Billerbeck's latest book Calm, Cool & Adjusted, the third ad final installment in the Spa Girls series. And the great thing about this book is that you don't have to have read the prior two books (though you'll love them if you do) to fully appreciate this one.

Kristin is one of my favorite Chick Lit authors. Her characters are young women approaching thirty who are ready to move on to more.

In Calm, Cool & Adjusted, Poppy Clayton is losing her spa girls. One is married with a baby on the way and the other has a wedding date set. Feeling a bit like the girl who is always the bridesmaid, Poppy delights in the fact that she is different. As a chiropractor and alternative medicine guru, she focuses all her time and attention on making people well, whether or not they want to hear about her cures. At the same time her spa girls think she's taking it to a new extreme and are concerned about her.

They give her an ultimatum: find a normal date for the wedding and its showers or they will find one for her. Poppy is beautiful but doesn't see it, so rarely makes it past the first date with a guy. There's always something wrong with them, whether liver function or personality. Poppy takes the challenge on...and picks the cosmetic surgeon who's office is next door to hers. Sparks fly everytime they are together. Add in a patient who might want to be more and a set-up courtesy of her spa girls, and Poppy feels like her non-existent love life is spiraling out of control.

Then there's her father who has suddenly left her the run down childhood home.

I found myself laughing (like I expect in one of Kristin's books) but also cringing as a point would hit close to home. This is a great book that I highly recommend to you the next time your looking for a chick lit with heart.

Kristin is guest blogging today at Camy Tang's Loft. Check it out.

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