Thursday, November 09, 2006

Parents Over-involvement in Kids' Job Hunts

I found an article in Forbes online that had me smiling and cringing at the same time. It seems that more parents are actively involved in their kids' job searches than ever before. And not just asking how the search is going. These parents set up interview, attend interview, complete follow-up letters, etc. Can we say over-involvement! Some say they're just protecting their investment in their kids' education. I say time to cut the apron strings.

What really surprised me is some companies are adapting to this change. Some have parent days or send the parents letters explaining junior's new job. To learn more, click here.

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Robin said...

Good Lord!
I thought the whole purpose of parenting was to work yourself out of a job. Love 'em and Launch 'em!

Every time my husband and I have to sit on our hands and let our son face the consequences of his actions, he always says to me "Now honey, we have to let him him learn, we have to let him grow thorugh this lesson. Otherwise, he'll be living in our guest room at age 30."

Now, having said that, when my son is at the job interview stage of life, I certainly plan on taking him to lunch and giving him a pep talk, but his employer will never hear from me!


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