Thursday, February 01, 2007

ADVANCE: I think I just might be an author!

No, I didn't have a book signing (though I helped with a couple friends' signings). Since my book isn't out till October there's really nothing to sign. But I had a badge to get in to ADVANCE, and we markered AUTHOR on the bottom of ours.

In many ways, walking around the floor at ADVANCE was like a kiss from heaven. Isn't that how it feels when you see the beginning fruit to a dream. And I am so on the beginning side of this. The thing that amazes me about the Christian authors I know is how much openess and encouragement there is.

We spent Tuesday night brainstorming the next book for one of my dear friends. It was a hoot! But no one in the room sat there and said, "I want that idea." Instead, it was all about helping this author come up with a fabulous idea and foundation for her next suspense.

And I think I have an agent. Pretty cool! But I'll say for sure after I sign the contract :-) The lawyer in me says nothing counts for sure until there are two signatures. But I am very excited about working with her. I think we'll be a great fit.

And, Joanna, I got to visit with your dad, too. That was awesome!


Nathan Bradfield said...


Remember me from 1st grade in Columbus, GA? I live in Montomery, Al now and work some in Mobile. I just had dinner with Robert and Sarah Brenner and Stephanie and Nathan. Robert just flew in today from Indy and showed me your card w/ your blog site on it.

I didn't see an email to contact with here, so hopefully you'll get this. Email me at

I added a link to your blog on my blog, Church and State. What kind of law do you specialize in?

Pam Meyers said...

Woo hoo, Cara! Congrats on the agent deal. So happy you had a great time at ADVANCE. I just read Colleen's post about it on her blog at Girls Write Out. It does all sound like a dream :-).

Doraine said...

Congratulations, Cara. I'm so proud of you.

Doraine Bennett (the first grade teacher's wife!)


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