Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow Photos

Here they are -- just in case you didn't believe me!

Jonathan and Abigail in the middle of the blizzard Tuesday afternoon. Did I mention that I shovelled twice while it snowed. Only had to deal with six inches at a time that way. Only!

To the right is a picture of our wonderful, anonymous neighbor who used his snowblower to bless many of us -- our car can get from the driveway to the street thanks to him. Now here are pictures of Abigail and Jonathan enjoying the snow on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day: blue sky, no wind, cold but not freezing. The kids got to enjoy all the snow. Mason proved to be quite the digger. Moral: you want her with you if you ever get stranded in a blizzard. See? Here's Jonathan in one of the holes she dug. And Abigail making an ever popular snow angel today. And of course, Eric showing the kids how to make a perfect angel. You should have seen his leaping dive into the drifts. It was perfect snow for that -- though much colder today. We're back around zero degrees minus the wind chill.

1 comment:

Candice Speare said...

Way cool pictures! Love kids in the snow! Makes me feel like a kid.


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