Monday, February 12, 2007

Review: Chocolate Beach

Don't you just love this cover! Give me some strawberries and pretzels to dip in that fondue. Yum.

This book is a fresh breath of air in the mom-lit genre.

It starts with a classic chick-lit scene. Guy meets girl, who is a crazy barista. They fall in love even though they are extreme opposites.

Fast forward about fifteen years to the first chapter. That young man is now an attorney who rarely makes it home, and Bri wonders if it's her. Have their differences finally reached the point where they've driven them apart? Maybe the pressures of being the parents of a teenager are too much for them? Could there be someone else coming between them?

The rest of the book frolics through her attempts to change and recapture her husband's attention. Some of her attempts are more successful than others, which left me groaning even as I knew I’d try the same things. Throughout it's a fun read.

This is the author's first book, and it has a light, fun voice. I don’t read a lot of mom-lit, I guess I’d call it, but I loved the voice! Bri is a fun character and someone that I imagine I’d love as a best friend. The whackiness in her life is fairly true to life but just enough away from mine to make it fun to read.

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Deborah said...

i loved this book too. and i agree, it's the yummiest book cover i've ever seen


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