Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm Not Ready for This

First, Isn't she so cute? Let me hear it now....Awwwww.

I’m not ready for this!

Last week, Abigail lost one of her top teeth. Now this isn’t the first tooth she lost. The middle bottom teeth came out months ago, and these top two teeth have taken their precious time to loosen.

So I don’t think it’s the tooth coming out that bothers me.

Ready or not, it was coming. And the way she twisted that tooth, Abigail was eager for the tooth fairy to make a return trip to our house.

No, I think what bothers me is the very conspicuous reminder that my baby isn’t such a baby. She’s beginning to read fluently. She dances all over the house. And her smile – missing tooth and all – could light up a room.But that missing tooth is a constant reminder that she’s six plus some.

Where does the time go? And how can I grab hold of these moments?

Sometime in the last two years I stopped making it a priority to capture these milestones and moments in her journal. So much has happened that I want to make that a priority again.

Because someday I’ll wish I was only in shock over Abigail pulling another tooth out.

The problem is I know boyfriends are coming. And then college. And, yikes, somewhere in there marriage and kids and…I think I need a café mocha. Anyone ready to meet me for a cyber cup of coffee?!?!?!

Check out this post and many other great ones (written by smarter people than me) at Generation NeXt Parenting.


Crystal said...

I love the photo! This brings back memories of when I was teaching first grade. I used to "save" the tooth in a special envelope and send it home when they'd lose one at school with a sticker! We'd make a very big deal of it.

It's funny how we treasure this milestone in a child's life--such a strange tradition, if you think about it! But I love it. So precious.

Gina said...

I can so relate, though my six year old soon to be seven in June, still doesn't have a loose tooth. I told him I could call him my baby until he does.


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