Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow, Snow Go Away

Yesterday we had a blizzard here in Lafayette. The amount can be measured in feet. The official count is in at 17 inches!!!!! That's the highest snowfall since 1890 something.

When it first started falling, it was pretty...picturesque...perfect for a photo. Our first real snow of the year was last week, so I'll admit I was ready for snow. I like it. Until it kept falling, and falling, and falling. I shoveled twice yesterday and once today. About four inches each time. Let's just say I have discovered muscles I'd completely forgotten about. They haven't forgotten about all that shoveling!

Today it's a perfect day. Blue sky. Fresh, pristine snow. Trapped in the house while we wait for the roads to be plowed. A perfect snow day. Except for one day. Eric got stranded in Florida. He was supposed to get back last night late, but for some reason, a foot of snow was enough to close the Indianapolis airport.

But he'll get back, and then we can pretend it's a snow day ... and he can play hookie for the couple hours until Purdue opens again.

I took some cute pictures of the kids all bundled up and ready to play in the snow. Of course, I need the cable to connect the camera to the computer. So stay tuned for those.

Hope you're warm and safe wherever you are!

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