Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Politics with US Attorneys

If you've read my blog for long, you've probably gathered that I like politics. It wasn't an automatic when I went to law school that I wouldn't look for something on Capital Hill. In fact during my clerkship I landed an appointment to the Department of Justice. Then we moved. I passed the FBI background check with flying colors, but now it languishes somewhere in HR-dom.

I digress. Every day Goggle does a search for me on conservative politics. I usually laugh at the results it pulls up and hit delete. Yesterday, it actually pulled up an interesting article.

Seems like US Attorneys are getting fired -- quite a rash of them. The New York Times has an article that points to all kind of political reasons they're being canned. Maybe to groom attorneys to run for office -- it looks really good on your resume to have served as a US Attorney.

This is one of those situations that could explode as the ousted attorneys say they received good reviews and were given no reason for their removal. It'll be interesting to watch how this one develops.

And on a lighter note... the dancing ban in Gotham was upheld by the NY Supreme Court's Appellate Division. Only in New York City!

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